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“Faced with the absolute magnitude of Time, we are astonished by the mystery of our own existence and, conscious of its finitude, we wield space as the matter of our permanence. Promptly, we idealize our dreams – modest or grand, transient or perennial, silent or solemn – and from them we raise monuments that by their beauty are capable of thrilling us. The feeling that bring us the strength of this heroic attitude before the universe and this fascination that moves us towards the unknown causes us to endure transforming our reality. Thus, by registering our impressions, we build the memory of humanity. Perhaps that is what we call...Architecture.”

(Daniel Corsi)


Atelier Daniel Corsi is an architecture base established in São Paulo whose activities embrace the fields of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, as well as Academic Researches.

Led by the architect Daniel Corsi, who is committed since the early 2000s with the profession, ADC is structured as a meeting place for ideas and continuous learning for all those involved in its projects. An atelier that - in its primary definition - concentrates on the exercise of the fundaments that define the competence of Architecture, conducted by necessary depth for its construction. A place of production and, above all, of creation of new ways of inhabiting, achieved through a solid responsibility for the scientific and sensitive dimensions that all Architecture must have.

Considering the importance of professional practice, both in Architecture and Urbanism, ADC has been building a path defined by a diversity of works of various types and scales both in public and private sectors. Accumulating a large participation in projects and competitions it already received several national and international prizes as the 1st Prize for the QNR 06 Housing Sector Urbanism and Architecture Projects National Architecture Public Competition – Ceiândia (2018), 1st Prize for the Porto Alegre City Hall Administrative Headquarters National Architecture Public Competition - Rio Grande do Sul (2014), 1st Prize for the Exploratory Science Museum of Unicamp International Architecture Public Competition (2009), 1st Prize for the TRT Law Courts Complex 18th Region National Architecture Public Competition (2007) and the 2nd Prize for the Global House International Competition (2005).

Its works have already been exhibited at Architecture Biennials in Brazil and abroad, including the 12ª, 14ª and 16ª Mostra Internazionale di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia (2010, 2014 and 2018) and the DAM - Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt (2013), where their completed work for the TRT Law Courts Forum became part of the permanent collection.

Its buildings have also received several recognitions such as the Honorable Mention in the AsBEA Prize (Brazilian Association of Architecture Offices) in 2012 for the TRT Law Courts Forum in Goiânia and, for the AV Houses, the Winner prizes in the O Melhor da Arquitetura (Editora Abril) in 2013 and in the W Award (Ministério da Cultura e Instituto São Paulo de Arte e Cultura) in 2014.

Certain that the practice of architecture should also be involved with academic thinking, ADC sustain a strong connection with researches, workshops and universities.