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Fernanda Yamamoto Store

Architecture and Fashion Design are fields of expression that can share many principles related to the ethical and aesthetic values of human culture.
As a subtle synthesis, what was sought in this reformulation of the stylist Fernanda Yamamoto’s store in São Paulo, was the dialogue between structures that can manifest both what is ephemeral and what is perennial. From the new volumes of the dressing rooms, a space of vital importance for the ambiance of those who visit, the static dimension of architecture is constantly transformed by the possibility of changing the fabrics of the curtains that identify each collection of the stylist. Parallel to this, these same fabrics are surrounded by a diaphanous 'skin' - the glass - which, with its reflections and transparencies, causes them to take on distinct aspects, added to a new equally expressive lighting.

Location: São Paulo, SP
Year: 2017
Construction Year: 2017
Built Area: 107m²

Daniel Corsi

Fernanda Yamamoto

Lighting Design:
Fernanda Carvalho

Fernanda Castilho

Guilherme Pucci

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